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Sparkle My Hood

Service Area: Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Gwinnett, Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Smyrna, Bufford, and Norcross

At Sparkle My Hood, we understand that while most restaurants or commercial kitchens have a system in place for keeping their facilities and equipment clean on a daily basis. However, some areas may need a little more attention to detail. Our professional restaurant cleaning services are designed to help you cut through even the toughest of grime, leaving behind clean, sanitary surfaces that are safe to use.

Our restaurant cleaning services are a great option for any commercial kitchen that needs a little extra muscle to power through accumulated gunk like grease or assistance with deep-cleaning difficult areas like the oven, grill, fryer, freezer, floor mats, hood, or exhaust systems.

Many of our clients reach out to us for assistance with preparing for an upcoming inspection, and we’re happy to help you ensure you’re up to code and provide the proper documentation to prove you’re doing all you should to keep your faculties clean and safe. We are also proud to offer exhaust fan repair services to help you get a broken fan back up and running again, protecting your employees and customers from harmful and unpleasant fumes and odors.

Whether you have a stand-alone restaurant or your commercial kitchen is part of a larger facility like a hospital, school, club, or hotel, we can provide the professional restaurant cleaning services you need to keep your kitchen clean and sanitary. Reach out to us today to learn more or to inquire about scheduling a commercial kitchen cleaning service or inspection in Marietta, Georgia.


What We Offer

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Our team has the experience and equipment needed to get your commercial kitchen sparkling clean again.

Commercial Hood Cleaning

Your commercial kitchen hood accumulates all kinds of grime as you use it, but our crew can cut through the gunk and get your hood and vent system working optimally again.

Commercial Grease Cleaning

Grease is one of the hardest restaurant kitchen messes to conquer, but we can make short work of the grease plaguing your kitchen.


Why Choose Us?

Extensive Experience

We have over seven years of experience cleaning commercial restaurant exhaust systems, so you can count on us to make sure your kitchen is spotless.

Specialized Equipment

Grease and grime are no match for our high-powered heated pressure washers, which can easily cut through caked-on grease, and we’ll clean your ducts down to the metal to help protect your facilities from fire hazards.

Personalized Cleaning Plans

Our experienced technicians can guide you through the cleaning process and create a personalized cleaning plan to optimize your operations and set you up for success.

Client Testimonials

“The quality of service they provide in my kitchen is excellent, professional people, hood cleaning very good.”

Five Star Reviews

Edith U.

Client Testimonials

“My hood had not been cleaned for 6 months and I was concerned that it may not clean up to my satisfaction but they proved me wrong, great job and reasonable cost.”

Five Star Reviews

Patrick E.


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