Grease Containment

Get Rid of Grease Buildup

Get Rid of Grease Buildup

Empty out your rooftop grease containment system in Smyrna & Marietta, GA

Your commercial kitchen emits a lot of grease. That all gets collected in your rooftop grease containment system. Every now and then, you'll need someone to come and clear out the grease trap. Sparkle My Hood can take care of everything. We'll empty out the grease containment system and dispose of the waste properly.

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Get the rooftop grease control you need

It takes the proper equipment and understanding to deal with rooftop grease control. We follow a careful procedure to make sure we get the job done right every time. You can trust us to follow all fire codes for the safety of you and your property.

NFPA 96 Fire Codes for Rooftop Grease Containment:

7.8.2 Rooftop terminations

  • Rooftop termination shall be arranged with or provided with the following:
  • (4) The ability to drain grease out of any traps or low points formed in the fan or duct near the termination of the system into a collection container that is noncombustible, closed, rainproof, and structurally sound for the service to which it is applied and that will not sustain combustion.
  • (5) A grease collection device that is applied to exhaust systems that do not inhibit the performance of any fan.
  • (6) Listed grease collection systems that meet the requirements of and

8.1 Exhaust Fans for Commercial Cooking Equipment: Upblast fans shall have a drain directed to a readily accessible and visible grease receptacle not to exceed 3.8 L (1 gal).

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